A Look at the Connection Between Judaism and Higher Education

Jacqueline Firsty grew up going to temple with her dad almost every Shabbat and celebrated the High Holidays with her grandparents every year. Judaism is such a significant part of her self-identity she even wrote about the impact being Jewish had on her life in her college applications.

Still, when looking at schools, Jewish life wasn’t something that she factored into her decision. Firsty explains, “I went to a public school where I was one of the only Jewish students, and at my own temple I was the only person my age. So, I never had a Jewish group of peers, like my own age.”

Because of this, being surrounded by Jewish peers was not something she went looking for as a part of her college life. And she isn’t alone in her experiences as a young Jewish American. In speaking on the affluence of the Jewish people, Alan Dershowitz, a law professor at Harvard University, claims that, “a Jew today can live in any neighborhood,” which creates small communities within cities and towns.

In looking at the religions of college-educated adults in the US, the numbers closely reflect the religious breakdown of the overall population. Per the Pew Research Center, only 3 percent of college graduates in the US are Jewish, while 66 percent are Christian. Compared to the percentages of Jews and Christians in the total population, 1.8 percent and 70.6 percent respectively, these numbers are relatively close. The percentages for other religions follow a similar story.

Data from Pew Research Center

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Data Shows Women Less Present in Technical Fields in Silicon Valley

The following chart was created using employment data from four of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley (namely Facebook, Google, Apple, and Yahoo). While these companies may be hiring more female employees, it appears as though many of them are not working in technical fields within the companies. With each employer, there is a significant difference in the percentages of male and female employees overall versus those in technical fields. It’s worth mentioning explicitly that the percentages of women in technical fields within these companies are at just 16%, 18%, 20%, and 15% respectively.

tech employees

Insomnia Cookies: Fresh Cookies For Pick-up and Delivery

insomnia cookies

My Thoughts on Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies made a name for itself as a leader in late-night cookie delivery. Any night of the week, people can call or order online and have freshly baked cookies delivered right to their door. This is a big selling point in a city with a surplus of college students and young adults.

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Faith Fest at Northeastern Brings Together Students of Different Faiths

Every year, Northeastern’s Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service (CSDS) and Northeastern University’s Interfaith Council (NUIC) strive to engage students from all different backgrounds in meaningful dialogue. In past years, NUIC held an event each fall called the Progressive Dinner in which students would travel between the spiritual centers on campus. This year, though, the event was redesigned and marketed as the first annual Faith Fest. Instead of moving from place to place, students met in the Sacred Space in Ell Hall and enjoyed a social night of dialogue and dinner.

My Two Cents on Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight

I’m not an expert on numbers or people, let alone how the two interact with each other so I look to the wisdom of others. One of the first sources that I started looking at is the website FiveThirtyEight.com. And one of the first people that I followed on Twitter (journalists love Twitter, in case you didn’t know) was Nate Silver, the site’s founder and editor-in-chief.

Silver started the site in 2008 in an attempt to add substantial quantitative analysis to the media’s coverage of the presidential election. Over the past eight years, FiveThirtyEight (also called 538, in reference to the number of votes there are in the Electoral College) has grown to include coverage of politics, sports, science & health, economics, and culture. These are the categories as listed on the site’s main navigation bar at the top of the homepage.

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Photos: Fenway Alliance’s 15th Annual Opening Our Doors Event

Today was the 15th annual Opening Our Doors event hosted by the Fenway Alliance. Following the opening ceremony at the end of the reflection pool in the Christian Science Plaza, events went on across the greater Boston area. The twenty one members of the Fenway Alliance and more partners hosted various activities and open houses in the Christian Science Plaza, Greater Fenway District, Evans Way Park, and in the Wheelock College Area.

A poster for the event is displayed on the ground in the Christian Science Plaza
A poster for the event is displayed on the ground in the Christian Science Plaza

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