Just yesterday, Tim Meko from the Washington Post published a beautiful visualization project of our nation’s infrastructure. As President-elect Donald Trump plans to invest billions of dollars into policies that will “[t]ransform America’s crumbling infrastructure.”

Meko looks at six visualizations of the nation’s infrastructure based on data gathered from OpenStreetMap and other government sources. Included are visualizations of: the electric grid with electric transmission lines, bridges with those that are in need of repair distinguished as such, pipelines (crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas byproducts all included), railroads, major and minor airports with air traffic patterns, and ports and inland water ways.

Even with a quick peak at the maps, one can absorb a substantial amount of information from this piece. The maps are, as I said, beautifully done. Along with each map is a short report. President-elect Trump once said that, “[o]ur airports are like from a third-world country”. Along with the map of the country’s airports and flight patterns is a list of airport rankings from around the world. The United States’ highest ranked airport internationally was Denver International Airport at number 28. This is despite the fact that reports show that “our airways are the busiest in the world”.

It’s worth reading the full article, it’s not very long, in order to get a sense of what our President-elect will be facing as he moves forward with his plans to rebuild the infrastructure.


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