insomnia cookies

My Thoughts on Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies made a name for itself as a leader in late-night cookie delivery. Any night of the week, people can call or order online and have freshly baked cookies delivered right to their door. This is a big selling point in a city with a surplus of college students and young adults.

Unfortunately, Northeastern is not within delivery range of any stores so I ventured out to the location on Boston University’s campus. During the day, I was the store’s only customer and had the chance to speak with the manager, Paige Boynton who told me that the most popular cookie choice is, “chocolate chunk, definitely.”

I went back close to their peak time with my roommate after an eventwhatsapp-image-2016-11-07-at-11-19-00-pm-1 that we went to nearby. We went in and got two cookies, the s’mores and the triple chocolate chunk, just before a large group of girls came in. Even on a Monday night, the stores had quite a few patrons. I was not surprised to learn that crowds form outside on the weekends. The store itself is relatively small and doesn’t have a place for customers to sit down, it is truly designed for people to just come in, order, and go.

The cookies themselves are delicious and are served warm in a box that resembles a pizza box. I honestly couldn’t finish my s’mores cookie in a single sitting simply because of how rich it was. Of course, I came back to it after just a few minutes. I think that the idea of a cookie delivery service is fantastic and I only wish that I lived close enough to take advantage of it.

Store Address & Website:

708 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215


Monday – Fridaywhatsapp-image-2016-11-07-at-11-19-00-pm-2
9am* – 3am

Saturday & Sunday
11am* – 3am

*  Delivery begins one hour after store opening


Insomnia Cookies specializes in late-night cookie delivery! Get a box of fresh, warm cookies delivered straight to your door until 3am every night.


“There’s a line out the door on weekends. Friday nights are the busiest, usually it gets busy around 10pm,” says store manager, Paige Boynton.

Getting There:

The closest T stop is Boston University East. The store is also accessible by the free BU shuttle that stops near Northeastern at the intersection of Huntington Ave. and Mass Ave.

*The entrance is located upstairs, not handicap accessible

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