…My three-part feature story on religion in higher education.

This project will be graded as my final project for the journalism class that inspired the creation of this blog. It will consist of three components (text, photo, and video) each covering a different angle of ‘religion in higher education’.

For the text portion of the story, I will be looking at what the numbers seem to reveal about the subject. Some of the questions that I hope to ask and/or answer are: How does a person’s religion affect the likelihood of him/her going to college? Do different religions value education differently? What is the breakdown of students’ religion in college?

I am planning to use my photo and video components as a supplement to my written piece. In each, I am going to show the people behind the numbers, who do the numbers represent?

In my photo story, I want to cover a religious event on campus if possible or some kind of gathering of college students practicing their religion(s). It would be nice to be able to show the intersection between religion and education and/or the community aspect of religious groups on campus.

With my video, I want to tell a more in-depth story. I think that it would be interesting to do a feature video about a smaller group of students and how their religion impacted the choices that they made with respect to their education. Did their religion affect the schools that they applied to or their choice of major and/or minor? How has being in school affected their practice of religion?

For this story, I will be in touch with the Executive Director of the CSDS Alex Kern who can give me valuable insight into the religious landscape of Northeastern. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story will unfold as I work on each part. My goal with this project is to focus on showing the human side of a story that can so easily be represented using only numbers.



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