Max Galka (@galka_max) is a data visualization aficionado, an entrepreneur and a Huffington Post contributor. Plus, he and his Twitter feed provide me with an endless source of maps, cartograms and inspiration.

This particular tweet immediately grabbed my attention because of the amount of information that it provides. The interactive visual morphs the world map into cartograms distorted based on 6 different considerations. Galka configured the graphic with data on countries’ GDP, debt, population, births, wealth, and billionaires.

Follow the link to Galka’s website to see the interactive graphic and read more about why he chose the variables that he did. There is also more information about the data that he used to build the graphic and a link to download the data itself.

Each cartogram reveals something different about the world’s socioeconomic hierarchy. For example, the percentage of births and percentage of wealth among countries appear to be inversely related. When switching between these two cartograms, the largest regions in one become the smallest in the other and vice versa.

These kinds of interactive graphics can present a lot of information in a simple way. This is definitely worth checking out!

***About this post***

I get a good majority of my inspiration from Twitter, but my feed is simply too dense for me to write full-length posts about every interesting idea that I see. Instead of killing myself trying, I’m going to supplement my longer posts with these shorter posts that highlight one Tweet that I find to be worth mentioning and ‘re-tweetable’. 


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